Solution Driven

“We are a marine consultancy firm offering both in depth technical and claims handling services”

Our clients choose us because they trust us. We have the expertise to identify the problems and the insight to offer solutions. Our combination of international thinking and on the ground local knowledge is unique in the industry. We are a team with the care and dedication to achieve the best possible outcome.

About Us


We provide a dedicated 24/7 service to the marine insurance and shipping community. Our services cover the entire range of marine and liability, P&I claims, yacht claims and marine and cargo loss prevention.

Our services

We handle the day-to-day challenges in each of our locations – from taking just the right stance with authorities on a casualty, to dealing with a stowaway, to navigating the practices of local shipyards.  We know our region inside out and are effectively our clients’ eyes and ears on the ground.

Bridging more than just languages

With ten offices throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea we are the largest network in the region. Having grown organically over 40 years means that we have built a coherent business ethos throughout the group.



Our real strength is our team. A team with true dedication and care. With over 60 professionals with diversified backgrounds and expertise we are placed in the forefront of offering a top class service.

Our people