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Kalimbassieris Maritime has developed expertise in conducting quantity and quality assessment of the commodities traded in the Black Sea and Greece, including oil, steel, grains, scrap iron, iron ore, coal, concentrates, fertilisers and timber. This work often entails not only inspections at loading ports but involvement during the inland transportation chain.

We also provide an extensive service to the container industry and enjoy an exclusive relationship with a number of liner operators for their survey work in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. We provide a fast and efficient response to requests for cargo surveys which, given the fast turnaround in these matters, is a valuable service to our clients.

The aspects of our involvement with cargo include:
  • Cargo damage surveys
  • Draft surveys and scale weighing
  • Arranging tally surveys, which are subcontracted
  • Participation in ullaging for liquid cargoes
  • Arrangements for cargo sampling and testing
  • Inspection and reporting on adequacy of stowage arrangements
  • Pre-loading inspection for loss prevention purposes
  • Monitoring loading and discharge operations
In addition to assessment of the damage to cargo itself, we provide value to our clients through our understanding of the operational aspects of the industry, which can assist in determining a weakness in the transport chain.