Mahmoud Ismail
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Captain Mahmoud joined Kalimbassieris in Egypt in August 2017 as a Senior Consultant, with a view to offer his wealth of knowledge and past experience on procedural and practical matters concerning pollution incidents in Egypt and abroad.


He is a graduate of the Egyptian Naval Academy, having served in the Submarine’s Brigade and the Navy’s Marine Salvage Unit. Since 1998 he has focused – inter alia - on the maintenance, readiness and operational development of Spill Response Centers at different ports in Egypt.


Captain Mahmoud Ismail has worked initially as a consultant to the Ministry of Environment, Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency (EEAA) and thereafter (from 2004) as General Director for special assignments and environmental disasters management in the EEAA [1] being responsible for the implementation of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan, as well as organizing and supervising oil and chemical spill combating operations. In his capacity as the National Coordinator for the Country’s National Oil Spill Contingency Plan and the Management of Environmental Disasters, Captain Ismail has served and supervised various cleanup operations not only in the Egyptian waters in Egypt, but in Lebanon and Yemen, as well.


In 2002 Captain Mahmoud was appointed as the General Manager for Oil Spill Response Centers at PETROSAFE [2], involved in the development of the company’s pollution combating abilities and the upgrade of systems and equipment.


Between 2004 and 2012 Captain Mahmoud was the Egyptian Representative for the PERSGA [3], responsible for the implementation of a systems to protect the marine environment in the area.



[1]:      EAAA: Egyptian state authority, responsible to deal with any pollution issues (land, sea, air) and to prepare the necessary plans for environmental protection and environmental development projects.


[2]:      PETROSAFE: Established by the Egyptian Petroleum Sector, it is engaged in the provision of safety and environmental protection services and other research and studies related to petroleum industry in Egypt, operating under the direct instructions from the EEAA.


[3]:      PERSGA: Intergovernmental organization dedicated to the conservation of the coastal and marine environments in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden region.


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