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Kalimbassieris Maritime is at the forefront of dealing with marine casualties within the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea area and our firm has dealt with most of the major casualties within our region.

The network of Kalimbassieris offices is prepared and able to respond 24/7 and with coordination performed through Kalimbassieris Greece.  

Our investigations for underwriters, P&I Clubs, Solicitors and Flag States have included cases of sinking, grounding, collision, flooding, fire and explosion. As casualty consultants we have been involved in a number of major pollution and clean-up operations and have vast experience in dealing with salvage and wreck removal, and we were appointed on the first ever case involving SCOPIC.

The company’s technical depth and experience in the operational aspects of shipping have enabled us to apply the hands-on approach at the onset of a casualty to minimize losses. Over the years we have gained valuable experience in crisis management and our expert staff have assisted with their trademark quick response, objective analysis of the problem and local know-how.