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We act as consultants for Marine Hull and Liability Insurers, Protection and Indemnity Clubs, white list ship registries, law firms and banks. We combine technical knowledge with an understanding of the industry and its practices in providing assistance and advice to our clients.

For Hull and Machinery underwriters we go beyond mere technical advice on damage. We have significant expertise in working with shipyards and are able to guide underwriters throughout the tendering and repair process and up to the final negotiations of repair bills.

We act as technical consultants for lawyers in preparation for legal proceedings and we are often called upon to appear as expert witnesses. This work can range from technical advice on cause and extent of port damage to detailed advice on nautical matters in investigations on cause of collisions.

In the Black Sea we are able to put our knowledge of local practices to good use in providing consultancy services on a variety of issues. For example we set up a system for a major cruise line to monitor medical cases of repatriated Romanian crew members. This involved establishing a network of appropriate hospitals and medical staff to provide adequate medical care and reporting as well as controlling costs.