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We have a team of experienced surveyors from various backgrounds including naval architecture, nautical and engineering. Our team encompasses expertise in a number of fields, from shipyard repairs to nautical practices and dealing with international regulatory authorities.

The range of surveys we carry out includes
  • Damage surveys - vessel, fixed and floating objects
  • Collision/contacts
  • Grounding
  • Fire/explosion
  • Sinking
  • Yacht surveys
  • Pollution
  • Warranty surveys (JH2013/007A, B, C, JH143, JH2009/03)
  • Loss prevention
  • P&I and H&M condition surveys
  • Flag state inspections
  • On/Off hire/pre-purchase surveys
  • Bunker surveys
  • Cargo surveys - damage, shortage and loss prevention
Certain cases call for particular expertise, for instance destructive and non-destructive testing, metallurgical examination, chemical analysis, underwater inspections, deepwater surveying and cam cording or cargo sampling, in which case we subcontract outside our firm.