Petros Pavlidis
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Petros is a marine surveyor based in our Piraeus office and has been with the company since 1997.  He has 16 years prior experience at sea, as Chief Officer mainly onboard bulk carriers and general cargo vessels. He also worked as Master on passenger flying dolphins servicing the local islands.

Petros carries out investigations on marine casualties, such as groundings and collisions, in relation to which, he is often called upon to give evidence in court as an expert witness. He has also particular experience as a field surveyor on pollution cases and has assumed a major role in supervising and monitoring antipollution operations on a number of major cases here in Greece.

Petros is a specialist cargo surveyor.  He has a deep understanding of issues involving the container trade and over the years has been involved in hundreds of incidents and investigations involving containerised cargo. He has acquired particular knowledge on various commodities including grains, fertilisers, steel products, refrigerated cargo and packed goods and provides advice both in terms of damage and loss prevention.

In addition to English and Greek, Petros is also fluent in the Turkish language.

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