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We have attended on many pollution cases throughout Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea and have developed local expertise in dealing with these sensitive cases. An understanding of the means required for the clean-up operation according to the type of pollutant and extent of pollution, the geographical conditions, the capabilities and pricing practices of local anti-pollution contractors and experience in dealing with local authorities have all proved invaluable in minimising the costs of such cases.

In many pollution cases the clean-up operations may take months and in such cases our clients have appreciated our ability to maintain our involvement over long periods without compromising on the quality of our services.

Generally our involvement in pollution cases includes:
  • attending on site as soon as possible after incident to assess extent of pollution
  • providing input on choice of anti-pollution contractors, including their equipment and capabilities
  • monitoring clean-up operations, assessing necessity of means used and recording resources
  • dealing with local authorities and potential claimants
  • monitoring local press coverage