Yaroslav Mladenov
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Yaroslav is the head of the company's Bulgarian operations, a recognized P&I correspondent and one of the company’s senior surveyors. He joined us in 1999 as a Chief Officer having sailed for 13 years on board tankers and having served as senior flag stage inspector and Deputy Harbor Master at the port of Bourgas.

Yaroslav undertakes casualty work within Bulgaria and the neighbouring Black sea countries and is particularly skilled in negotiating with authorities. He is the company’s tanker expert and deals with tanker and liquid cargo cases throughout the Black Sea as well as in his home port of Bourgas, which is home to the Balkans' largest oil refinery.

Yaroslav is also a senior vetting surveyor for P&I clubs and an accredited nautical inspector and casualty investigator for white list ship registries.

Apart from English and his native Bulgarian, Yaroslav also speaks Russian.

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