About Us

We are a marine consultancy firm offering both in depth technical expertise and claims handling services.

We act as marine consultants, P&I correspondents and insurance average agents. Our clients are the International Marine Insurance Markets, P&I clubs, white list ship registries and other shipping commercial interests.

Established in Greece in 1979, today we have 11 offices throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea and are the biggest network in the region. We have a real on-the ground understanding of our region and we marry this with international thinking, offering an approach that is unique within the industry.

With a balanced portfolio of Marine, P&I and Yacht work, each of our offices houses surveyors and claims handlers under one roof. We are equally equipped to deal with the intricate technical details of our consultancy cases and to see the bigger commercial picture in our role as correspondents.

We believe that the depth and diversity of our expertise, our geographical spread, our solution driven mindset together with our inherently strong sense of service have placed us in the leading position we are in today.