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We originated as a highly specialised technical firm and we have amassed over 30 years experience in complex hull and machinery work. Our firm is known for its hands on approach to marine claims, being involved in the early stages of marine casualties. With technical staff with shipyard experience we are able to guide underwriters from the very first assessment of damage up to the final negotiation of repair bills.

Our involvement includes:
  • Initial assessment of damage
  • Supervision of temporary repairs
  • Guidance in drafting repair specification
  • Assessing capability and availability of suitable shipyards
  • Organising tendering process and evaluating tenders
  • Supervising repairs
  • Assisting with settlement negotiation of repair invoices

Over the years we have acquired expertise in loss of hire cases and with special knowledge of local shipyard practices we are able to advise on techniques for shortening repair time.

We not only have offices in Greece, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria but also offer a network of agents throughout the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Middle East through which we provide full coverage to underwriters.