Pollution Claims

Pollution could be one of the most, if not the most, costly experience in the operation of an owner, his club or the IG pool.

As the world goes increasingly more sensitive and set on protecting the environment, apart from disastrous and quantifiable losses, a spill can lead to non-quantifiable but very real pressures from the public.

Pollution claims can therefore be very demanding on manpower requiring focused on-ground work for months, from the initial assessment of extent, appraising needs, coordinating anti-pollution contractors, monitoring cleanup operations with an eye on supply vs demand, dealing with claimants and authorities, and ultimately following media coverage.

We take pride in having been able to assist clients on many complicated pollution cases throughout Greece, Turkey, Egypt and the Black Sea. Our ability to assemble crisis management team and on-site technical expertise on shortest of notices, and to maintain the dedication for as long as necessary, proved invaluable in controlling and minimizing our clients' exposure.