Egyptian Ports and Suez Canal Webinar

Kalimbassieris Maritime Turkey, in co-operation with Kalimbassieris Maritime Egypt, organized and presented an online 45-minutes webinar, on the 15th December 2020, on Marine Pollution and Salvage in Egypt. A great number of members from the Turkish Maritime community showed interest in attending the webinar, during which they had the opportunity to receive information on the challenges faced in Egyptian Ports and the Suez Canal.

Dilek Güneser Vagias held the role of moderator of this webinar, whereas the main speakers were Emre Özbirinci, Gökhan Kizilkaya, Admiral Alaa Nasr and Petros Pavlidis.

Special thanks to our valued guest speaker from Arkas Holding Shipping for his contribution and input on the webinar.

 Webinar recording link.