Kalimbassieris Maritime Sets Up Remote Survey Network (RSN)- Morocco, Algeria,Tunisia,Oman,Qatar,Bahrain,Ukraine,Malta,Croatia

We are pleased to announce the setup of our Remote Survey Network (RSN) to cover assignments in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Ukraine, Malta and Croatia.

In today’s digital age, we are able to virtually interact with the surveyors of the remote network, at the time of physical survey on board, and to provide necessary guidance and clarifications on the spot; thus enabling clients to benefit from quality surveying, speedy reporting, and unified criteria, in those cases when the survey needs are at locations where travel is either impossible or not practical. And whilst there are some limitations to internet coverage at locations, we see a lot of promise in the endeavour.

The concept was partly developed in response to the challenges of COVID-19, and further, to serve our clients’ ever-increasing needs for dependable, early and uniform way of surveying and reporting.

The remote survey network will complement our local network of inhouse surveyors based in the offices in Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt and Cyprus, thus further extending our servicing of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, North-West Africa and the Persian Gulf/Gulf of Oman.

The initiative is led by our Technical Director, Dimitrios Giannakouros, and we hope it will have a very positive effect on the challenges of the day, make full use of available technology, and the experience and renown of our inhouse technical teams.

Christina Kalimbassieris, CEO