Mini Forum on Ship Repair, Yalova, May 2024

We are thrilled to have hosted again a “Mini-Forum on Ship Repairs”, in Istanbul, between 22 and 24 May 2024, to which numerous clients from various H&M markets participated.

The core of the Forum was the visit to two selected major Turkish shipyards, Besiktas Shipyard and Sefine Shipyard, both located in Yalova, where our guests had the opportunity to being introduced on the various facilities including dry-docks, cranes, pre-fabrication areas, steel cutting facilities, machinery, electrical and pipe workshops and design facilities.

The programme involved an opening and closing presentation by our colleagues İbrahim Dogan, Armagan Agirbas, Mehmet Guntay and Cem Akgül, focusing on Turkey’s ship repair industry and information on some of the major repair yards, whereas interesting discussions were held on the management of claims and the use of various techniques throughout the repair process, aiming at having an impact upon the cost of the claim.

Last, but not least, during a visit at the Istanbul Vessel Traffic System (VTS) office, where the traffic in Istanbul Straits is controlled from, the duties and responsibilities of VTS were presented, navigational safety issues were highlighted and VTS role in traffic monitoring and response following a maritime incident was explained.

We wish to sincerely thank our esteemed guests for their participation, as well as Tağmaç Gürev of Besiktas Shipyard and Taner Cingiloglu of Sefine Shipyard, who welcomed us in their facilities and guided us in various areas of their shipyards.

Most importantly, we thank our colleagues Sevgi Kabadayi Akkaya and Su Ece Mumcular of our Istanbul office, for the excellent organization of the event, as well as their hospitality and their positive vibes that made the guests feel comfortable during their entire stay in Istanbul.

This was really the best event ever …. until the next one !!