Syros Neorion Shipyards – A New Era

Since April 2018, a new era has commenced for the ship repairing industry in Greece, with the strategic selection of ONEX Shipyards by the Greek government, as the prime investor/owner and operator of the Neorion Shipyards in Syros island.

Under the new administration, a remarkable increase to ship repairs has been observed, with more than 110 ships being repaired on an annual basis. What is more, the shipyard’s activities have expanded to new markets, including LPG/LNG conversions, oil rig and major offshore constructions, while a new Aframax floating dock is planned to be installed in the future, for expanding working capabilities.

A major contributing factor to this increase is the strategic location of the shipyard in the middle of the Aegean Sea, making it the ideal selection for foreign and Greek ship owners, whose ships transit the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Kalimbassieris Maritime has seen a significant rise in ship inspection work and associated repairs at the specific shipyard since the last year and expect the volume of work to be further increased.

It is evident that the Shipyard has performed a turn of 180 degrees, contributing to the vertical growth of the shipbuilding industry in Greece by 21%, and bringing the Greek ship repairing industry back on track.