FFO Claims

Successful resolution of FFO claims depends largely on local know-how and an well-established practice. Apportionment of fault and pre-existing condition, style of work of terminal/pier/berth owners, general trade and occupancy – all matters to factor in. What if a ship hits a structure that was just hit in the same place a week before on a generally quiet berth? What if this berth carries status of national heritage with special regime requirements or military berth with limited access?

Our company has handled many FFO claims and our pro-active approach, technical expertise,timely engagement of specialists (divers and port engineers) and knowledge of repair contractors has achieved substantial savings for clients. Additionally our local presence and reputation, combined with familiarity with claimants, have enabled us to successfully negotiate with claimants and in most cases to convince them securing their demands in the form of Club's LOU, rather than Bank Guarantee, which saves costs for our clients and minimizes delays to the vessels.